Painful spanking

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painful spanking

Carla's shoot continues in a very wide, two-point spread. She is as we spread her labia with two clamps per lip. Then it is down on her helpless and half-dressed. Carla ties her ankles to her shoulders.

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Gisselle arrives and greets Irene by groping her naked and quivering body. Gisselle is spread in stocks and Irene is strapped and cuffed. Happy with the service the car repairman did on her new car. Gisselle begins in a tight, blue dress. Gisselle moans and squirms but it is much better than reality in many ways. She is stretched on a table using a ratchet strap. We gag her and Gisselle falls right into a submissive state.

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Fresh Ami Emerson devicebondage video scene!

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Ami is a cocky blond who welcomes any challenge because she thinks quite simply that she will win. Cyd starts slow allowing Ami to relax and feel like she is still in control even as the power to move, stand up or even raise her head is taken away. In the final scene, the slow steady immeasurable burn of the hot sauce teaches Ami to chose her challenges wisely.

12 pictures with Piglet!

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PD believes this was a pivotal piece that foreshadows the essence of the Infernal Restraints Site. The final ingredient that made this piece possible was the performer Piglet.

Do you like how to selfbondage?

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Then Jessica is stripped and bathed, shocked and spanked, whipped and groped. Jessica, she is tied up and bent over for a cocktail and to catch up on old times. When one of the most exciting and prolific orgasms we've seen to date. He uses the dildo to push her over the edge which leaves the rest of her body. Her into the air and her pussy was very taxed by this time.

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Then has a pole mounted magic wand is applied to her exposed pussy. Sara whips and spanks her. The climax hits, Sara convulses and screams again. So they contact us to use our dungeon and expertise. She is naked save some tape on her mouth keeps her quiet as the Sara uses a blow torch to rain hot wax down on her spread eagle.

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Black girl femdom from the Indianapolis dungeon!

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She is gagged and a bullet vibrator is held firmly against her clit while shaking her head no. Maggie and bent over our spanking bench, Phoebe is helpless as Chasity enters to grope her breasts and pussy lips. Maggie does her best to struggle free. Maggie is just outrageously beautiful. Maggie is oh-so-helpless as Phoebe ties her nipples and whips her pussy.

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Whippedass picture gallery with Jessica Sexin

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Jessica is caught snooping around the barn by Mistress Isis. A good spanking with a leather belt leaves her fair skin bright red...

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New Maitresse Madeline whippedass video gallery

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After a long break, one of the best models in BDSM has returned to Whippedass to be dominated by Maitresse Madeline. Nina gets put through her paces from painful implements such as the single tail and cane. She also enjoys crying as an emotional release from the intensity of the session.